Vol 8, No 2 (2019)

Special issue of the 2019 Science & Cycling congress | Brussels - July

Book of Abstracts of the Science & Cycling Congress

Table of Contents

The synergy of EMG waveform during bicycle pedaling is related to elemental force vector waveform. PDF
Tomoki Kitawaki 3-4
Engineering of a backpack ventilation technology for cycling using CFD analysis PDF
Frank Ingo Michel, Wouter Remmerie, Matthias Kimmerle 5-8
Influence of an engineered backpack ventilation technology on thermal comfort during cycling – a pilot study PDF
Frank Ingo Michel, Nils Schneider, Markus Lachner, Robert Klauer, Frank Emrich, Remmerie Wouter 9-12
Relationship between preferred saddle height and pedalling kinematics in professional cyclists PDF
Geoffrey Millour, Sebastien Duc, Damien Segui, Ouvrard Theo, Puel Frederic, Bertucci William 13-14
Backpack impact protection in cycling – Comparison of a conventional foam-based vs. an air-based protection system PDF
Nils Niklas Schneider 15-17
The acute effects of lower limb blood flow restriction on physiology and performance of competitive cyclists PDF
Patrick Lander, Carl David Paton 18-19
The sleep of professional cyclists during a 5-day UCI Europe Tour road cycling race PDF
Borja Martinez-Gonzalez 20-22
Validation of Lactate Minimum Power testing in cyclists PDF
Christophe Dausin, Conor C. Carey, Willem Geuns, Peter Hespel 23-24
Do athletes know which feedback helps them most? PDF
Martin Dobiasch, Johannes Heindl, Michael Stöckl, Arnold Baca 25-26
The effect of locally braking crank rotation during pedaling on the pedaling force and activation of lower limb muscles. PDF
Soya Iwata 27-28
Evaluation of the effectiveness of an anti-vibration MTB handlebar compared to a traditional MTB handlebar PDF
Noé Perrotin, Sébastien Duc, Frédéric Puel, William Bertucci 29-30
Accuracy assessment of the Ring of Fire system for on-site aerodynamic drag measurements PDF
Alexander Spoelstra 31-33
The effect of hub design on lower limb muscle activation while riding on different terrain PDF
Wei-Chi Tsai, Tse-Fu Shao, Yin-Shin Lee, Chia-Hsiang CHEN 34-36
Acute breath-holding does not improve 3km cycling time trial performance PDF
Janne Bouten, Gil Bourgois, Jan Bourgois, Jan Boone 37
Dissection of the Arteria iliaca externa, secondary to endofibrosis in a cyclist PDF
Charlotte Schepens 38
Reliability of acute training responses elicited by exhaustive work intervals prescribed with the delta concept PDF
Arthur Henrique Bossi 39-40
A new method to control the roughness of different time trial garments. A preliminary study. PDF
Corentin Leboeuf 41-42
Relationship between daily Bioimpendance patterns and training load of professional cyclists during training and racing. PDF
andrea giorgi 43-44
A year in the life of a Brazilian professional female road cycling team – Part I: Performance measures PDF
Bryan Saunders, Gabriel Barreto, Luana Farias de Oliveira, Tiemi Saito, Rafael Klosterhoff, Pedro Henrique Lopes Perim, Eimear Dolan, Patrícia Campos-Ferraz, Fernanda Lima 45-47
Relationship between skeletal muscle carnosine content and cycling sprint performance PDF
Luana Farias de Oliveira, Rafael Pires da Silva, Vitor de Salles Painelli, Victor Henrique Carvalho, Ana Helena Sales de Oliveira, Bryan Saunders, Marisa H. G. Medeiros, Guilherme Giannini Artioli 48-50
A year in the life of a Brazilian professional female road cycling team – Part II: Nutritional and clinical outcomes PDF
Patrícia Campos-Ferraz, Gabriel Barreto, Luana Farias de Oliveira, Tiemi Saito, Rafael Klosterhoff, Pedro Henrique Lopes Perim, Eimear Dolan, Rosa Maria Rodrigues Pereira, Fernanda Lima, Bryan Saunders 51-54
Validity and reliability of the CycleOps Hammer direct drive trainer during sprint tests when compared with an SRM powermeter – a preliminary study PDF
Sebastien Duc, Mohamed Selmi, Frédéric Puel, William Bertucci 55-56
On the Cyclist's Drag Crisis PDF
Wouter Terra 57-58
Easy to use accurate measuring system for cycling pedaling motion using a small LED and a smartphone. PDF
Masahiro Fukuda 59-60
Experimental evaluation of a computer-vision based method to assess the aerodynamic drag of cyclists PDF
Cedric Lemaitre, Matthieu Voiry, Cyrille André, Antoine Lavault 61-63
Heat acclimation: practical and efficient in the laboratory PDF
Lucas Thomas Schmid 64
Xert’s Maximal Power Available and the Modeling of Fatigue PDF
Stephen S Cheung 65
Sport supplement use in Brazilian cyclists: Where is the information coming from? PDF
Pedro Perim, Bruna Mazzolani, Luana Farias de Oliveira, Kevin Symon, Eimear Dolan, Bryan Saunders 66-68
Experimental Characterization of a Cyclist's Wake
Florian Adam, Wouter Terra, Andrea Sciacchitano 69
Estimating and predicting athlete performance using Machine Learning
Valentin Gallet 70
Effect of different seat position on lower limb kinematics, kinetic and electromyography during cycling
Chia-Hsiang CHEN, Yin-Shin Lee, Wei-Chi Tsai, Chang-Hsin Hsieh, Ya-Han Chang, Tzyy-Yuang Shiang 71

Original articles

Power profiling in elite U23 riders during a competitive season PDF
Peter Leo 1-2

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