Vol 7, No 2 (2018)

Science & Cycling Congress, 4/5 July, Nantes (France)

Book of Abstracts of the Science & Cycling Congress

Table of Contents

Special issue of 2018 the Science & Cycling congress | France 4-5 July

A pedaling force vector can be represented by the sum of three elemental force vector waveforms. PDF
Tomoki Kitawaki 1-2
The Magnitude of Translational and Rotational Head Accelerations Experienced by Riders During Downhill Mountain Biking PDF
Howard Thomas Hurst, Stephen Atkins, Ben Dickinson 3
Null effects of tDCS over the Left Prefrontal Cortex on Self-paced Exercise and EEG PDF
Darias Holgado, Thomas Zandonai, James Hopker, Mikel Zabala, Luis Ciria, Daniel Sanabria 4
Data Driven Bike Fitting PDF
Jarich Braeckevelt 5-6
The new Exposure Variation Analysis (EVA) method to compare pacing strategy and performance during professional time-trial competitions PDF
Théo Ouvrard, Julien Pinot, Alain Groslambert, Frédéric Grappe 7-8
First evaluation of an automated system for cyclist’s aerodynamic drag assessment PDF
Cedric Lemaitre, Matthieu Voiry, Cyrille Andre 9-11
Muscle deoxygenation during moderate- and severe-intensity cycling in youth elite-cyclists PDF
Alfred Nimmerichter 12-13
Connection between Heel Motion and Torque in crank revolution PDF
Masahiro Fukuda 14-15
Machine learning and physical modelling: optimizing the performance and strategy for time trials PDF
Valentin Gallet 16-17
Modeling in Road Cycling for Optimal Pacing Strategies: Theory vs. Practice PDF
Stefan Wolf, Alexander Artiga Gonzalez, Raphael Bertschinger, Dietmar Saupe 18-19
Muscle deoxygenation kinetics in cycling time trial PDF
Peter Leo, Matthias Hovorka, Alfred Nimmerichter 20-21
Guiding athletes through heartrate and power based tasks PDF
Martin Dobiasch, Michael Stöckl, Arnold Baca 22-23
Relation between maximal power in sprint cycling, pedal force orientation and strength of the lower limb muscles in elite sprint cyclists PDF
Iris Sachet 24-25
External training load, performance markers and body composition of professional road cyclists with-in competitive season PDF
andrea giorgi 26-27
Effects of high intensity continuous and intermittent training strategies used for endurance development on cardio-vascular responses PDF
Gorkem Aybars BALCI 28
Inside the World Cycling Centre: Models of Talent Identification and Development & Coaches Formation PDF
Esperanza Martín Santana 29-30
Research and Innovation in Sport on a Budget: The MacGyver Approach PDF
Andrea Wooles 31
Kinematics, muscle recruitment patterns and pressure mapping in cycling biomechanics - Recent research findings and practical outcomes. PDF
Wendy Holliday, Raymond Theo, Julia Fisher, Jeroen Swart 32
Concussion assessment in cycling: a systematic review and call to action PDF
Richard Anderson, Neil Heron 33-34
Effects of flat and uphill cycling on the power duration relationship PDF
Matthias Hovorka, Peter Leo, Alfred Nimmerichter 35
Identification of the threshold ambient temperature above which pre-cooling has a performance benefit for time trials in the heat PDF
Steve Faulkner, Iris Broekhuijzen, Margherita Raccuglia, Maarten Hupperets, Simon G Hodder, Geoege Havenith 36-37
Differences in Strength & Power profiles between Road and Time Trial cyclists PDF
Nils Jongerius 38-39
Muscle-tendon behaviour during sprint in road cyclists: effect of the force-velocity condition PDF
Maxime Robin 40-42
The use of Heart Rate Variability to optimise acute and chronic training loads and recovery in recreational and elite cyclists PDF
Simon Wegerif, Simon C Wegerif 43
Training Prescription guided by HRV in cycling
Alejandro Javaloyes Torres, José Manuel Sarabia, Robert Patrick Lamberts, Manuel Moya-Ramon 44
Predicting a Power-Duration Curve in Elite Endurance Track Cyclists. PDF
Robert Stanley 45-47
Effects of cycling shoe cleat position in performance and physiological variables during cycling and subsequent running in simulated Olympic distance triathlon
Geoffrey Millour, Loic Janson, William Bertucci
Estimate Power without Measuring it: a Machine Learning Application PDF
Guillaume Lemaitre, Cedric Lemaitre 48-49
The effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on physical performance during a 24.5 km cycling time trial PDF
Gabriel Baltazar Martins 50-51
Pre-exercise optimisation of the alkalosis response to sodium bicarbonate ingestion: have we been missing its peak ergogenic effect? PDF
Andy Sparks, Sanjoy Deb, Lewis Gough, Lars McNaughton 52-53
Victor Scholler 54-55
The effect of time trial position on physiological variables in elite cycling. PDF
Knut Skovereng 56-57
Anthropometry, physical fitness, and coordination in young cyclists of different disciplines PDF
Mireille Mostaert 58
Physiological response to cycling with variable versus constant power output PDF
Erik Kolsung 59-60
A critical confusion PDF
Charles Dauwe 61

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