Vol 6, No 3 (2017)

Science & Cycling Congress, 28-29 June 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany

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Book of Abstracts

Joint specific power production in cycling: the effect of cadence and athlete level PDF
A Aasvold
6 hours training a week are enough for preparing Ironman amateur athletes PDF
A Arutyunyan
Reliability of Altitude-Induced Performance Changes in a Top-2 Tour de France Cyclist PDF
Samuel Bellenou, Jean-Baptiste Quiclet, Grégoire Millet
Uphill Cycling: Seated versus Standing Economy and Heart Rate PDF
Quint Berkemeier, Mike Reede, Brent Alumbaugh
Reliability of cycling performance during field-based uphill time-trials PDF
P Lima, G Matta, AH Bossi, L Pertence, James Hopker
Influence of power output on pedalling biomechanical parameters in cyclists of different competitive levels PDF
PA Bouillod, E Brunet, G Soto-Romero, Fred Grappe
Functional threshold power in cyclists: validity of the concept and physiological responses PDF
VP Costa, FK Borszcz, AF Tramontin, AH Bossi, LJ Carminatti
FOVEX – An expert system for the detection of overreaching PDF
Martin Dobiasch, Arnold Baca
A performance passport in cycling: facts and fancy PDF
Raphael Faiss, Martial Saugy, James Hopker, Louis Passfield
Effects of Weight Bearing and Non-Weight Bearing Sports on Bone Quality in Male Collegiate Athletes PDF
Devin Freda, Tess Skoe, Colton Cave, Mitch Wehrli, Brandon Fox, Brent Alumbaugh, Michael Reeder, Kristin Heumann
Accuracy and reproducibility of the new CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer PDF
M Frémeaux, A Bouillod, E Brunet, G Soto-Romero, Fred Grappe
Results of intensity variable effort on condition of Polish National Team cross country MTB cyclists PDF
Tomasz Gabrys, Michal Garnys, Urszula Szmatlan-Gabrys, Lidia Stanisz, Remigiusz Rzepka, Artur Lukasiewicz
Programming training loads MTB cyclists during first 7-days of the stay in conditions of high-altitude hypoxia PDF
Michal Garnys, Gabrys Tomasz, Urszula Smatlan-Gabrys, Lidia Stanisz, Remigiusz Rzepka, Marek Galinski, Artur Lukasiewicz
Power distribution, performance changes and bioelectrical impedance properties during the preparation period of professional cyclists PDF
Andrea Giorgi, Maurizio Vicini, Marco Bonifazi, Hannes Gatterer
WCC-PPT Protocol: Talent Identification References Male-Endurance Cyclists per Continent (2013-2016) PDF
Alejandro Gonzalez-Tablas, E Martin-Santana
A different approach to optimise performance using load PDF
Daniel Green
Monitoring Athlete Health- Overtraining, Sleep and the Immune System PDF
Shona Halson
Saddle tilt during uphill cycling improves perceived comfort levels, with corresponding effects on saddle pressure in highly trained cyclists PDF
J Hynd, D Cooley, M Graham
Accuracy of Pacing Strategy Predictions in Ride-Alone and Competitive Cycling Time Trials PDF
HS Jones, EL Williams
Relation between Critical Power and Functional Threshold Power PDF
A Karsten
Effects of gear, imposed resistance and crank mode on the mechanical efficiency and physiological parameters during sub-maximal handcycling in healthy men PDF
C Kraaijenbrink
Comparison of two different training interventions on laboratory parameters and race performance in competitive young XCO athletes: a randomized controlled trial. PDF
I Krauss, P Schneeweiss, B Ebler, U Theobald, P Schellhorn, D Haigis, A Niess
Toward a robust and inexpensive method to assess the aerodynamic drag of cyclists PDF
M Voiry, C Lemaitre, C Andre
The changing face of serious bicycle injuries from a UK Regional Trauma Centre PDF
R Lloyd, A Tucker, P Archbold, N Eames
The influence of the rim depth to the aerodynamic performances of a wheel: a numerical study PDF
F Malizia, H Montarezi, P Hespel, P Blocken
Autonomous vehicles in the pro peloton: opportunities and threats PDF
Nell Mansfield
Together against doping: doping prevention from nada Germany PDF
D Müser
Exposure Variation Analysis (EVA) method to monitor ability to optimally regulate exercise intensity of professional cyclists during time-trial competitions PDF
T Ouvrad, J Pinot, A Groslambert, F Grappe
Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Knowledge of Collegiate Cyclists PDF
M Reeder, B Alumbaugh, Q Berkemeir
Load ratios during a cycling Grand Tour: detecting fatigue? PDF
Dajo Sanders, M Heijboer, MK Hesselink, T Myers, I Akubat
Hyperthermia don't affect hydric status of acclimatized cyclists on the self-pace submaximal exercise PDF
Reinato Silva, Bruno Ryker, NF Sampaio, CJ Brito, B Viana, FO Pires
Joint specific power is not affected by changes in hand position in recreational and elite cyclists. PDF
Knut Skovereng
Reliability of W´ using time-trials under laboratory conditions PDF
Christoph Triska
Accuracy of the new Elite Drivo ergometer. PDF
Jasper Vaeck, A Bouillid, R Bouzigon, J Pinot, F Grappe
The process of losing – investigating the psychophysiological determinants of pacing and performance during head-to-head competition PDF
Andreas Venhorst, D Micklewright, T Noakes
Deceptively-Altered Visual Feedback Alters 4km Cycling Time Trial Performance in Trained Cyclists PDF
J Westbrooks, R Prichett, M Fisher, K Pritchett
Knowing your slope on the track: Getting the most out of GPS and power data PDF
S Wolf, D Saupe

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