Vol 4, No 2 (2015)

Science & Cycling Congress, 1/2 July 2015, Utrecht

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Book of Abstracts

Power-velocity curve: relevance of the SRM Ergometer for simulated cycling performance and constant duration tests PDF
Albert Smit, Felix Wolbert, Florentina J Hettinga
Bicycle Shoe Insoles and Their Effect on Lateral Knee Movement, Leg Muscle Activation Patterns, and Performance in Experienced Cyclists PDF
Amos Cole Meyers, Elise C Caldwell, Jordan Hirsch, Moataz Eltoukhy, Kevin A Jacobs, Ryan Pohlig, Joseph Signorile
A quantitative flow visualization technique for on-site sport aerodynamics optimization PDF
Andrea Sciacchitano, Giuseppe Caridi, Fulvio Scarano
Validity of Track Aero System to assess aerodynamic drag in professional cyclists PDF
Anthony Bouillod, J Pinot, A Froncioni, F Grappe
Analysis of Mean Maximal Power in cycling with a modified Critical Power model allowing for a non-constant Anaerobic Work Capacity PDF
Charles Dauwe, Johan Strobbe
Effect of deceptively aggressive bike pacing on sprint-distance triathlon performance PDF
Daniel Taylor, Mark F Smith
Thresholds in ventilation, cerebral and muscle oxygenation, and muscle activity during incremental cycling exercise PDF
David Nichols, Sebastien Racinais, Martin Buchheit, Olivier Girard
Validity of the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer and Reliability of a 4 km Cycle Time Trial PDF
Emma K Zadow, James W Fell, Stuart T Smith, Cecilia M Shing
Numerical simulations of cross wind effects on cyclist aerodynamic resistance PDF
Fabio Malizia, Hamid Montazeri, Peter Hespel, Bert Blocken
Separating muscular and non-muscular forces at the pedal PDF
Harrie Haenen, Fons van de Venb, Paul Willemsa, Hans Savelberga
Internal Mechanical Power During Cycling Using Non-Circular Versus Circular Chainrings PDF
H Giorgi, M Andrews, M Osborne
Effect of feedback on cycling performance in a 4‐kilometres laboratory time trial PDF
Heinz Lugo, Nandini Chakravorti, Lydia Philpott, Blair Crewther, Paul Conway, Andrew West
The Effects of Varied Terrain and Bicycle Fitting on Aerobic Power Production: Test methodology PDF
Heinz Lugo, Callum Grieve, Nandini Chakravorti, Paul Conway, Andrew West
Using retrospective analysis of race results to determine success in elite cycling PDF
J Hopker, KC Dietz, YO Schumacher, L Passfield
The reliability and validity of the 3-minute critical power test in linear and isokinetic mode PDF
James Wright, Simon Jobson, Stewart Bruce-Low, David Jessop
Rehabilitation of a tibial plateau fracture within an elite female mountainbiker. A case report PDF
J Hynd
An analysis of intrinsic factors, performance, comfort and economy in relation to static and dynamic whole body kinematics in recreational and elite cyclists PDF
Jeroen Swart, Wendy Holiday, Raymond Teo, Julia Fisher
Computer modelling of energy turnover and body temperatures in elite cyclists during climbing: steep, steeper, Angliru; cold, colder, Gavia PDF
Johannes HGM van Beek
An investigation of the underlying mechanisms of overtraining in a natural experimental model PDF
Jos Koning, Twan ten Haaf, Selma van Staveren, Bart Roelands, Carl Foster, Maria F Piacentini, Romain Meeusen
The effect of deceptive information about receiving cooling on pacing pattern during a 20-km cycling time trial in the heat PDF
Koen Levels, Jos de Koning, Carl Foster, Hein Daanen
The effect of aerodynamic characteristics on the drafting effect in track cycling PDF
L Heimans, WR Dijkshoorn
Evaluating the central pressure point to determine the optimal saddle setback PDF
Lotte Kraus, Daniel Schade, Jörg Natrup
Differences in visual information-seeking behavior between expert and novice time-trial cyclists PDF
M Boya, T Foulsham, F Hettinga, D Parry, EL Williams, HS Jones, SA Sparks, D Marchant, P Ellison, C Bridge, A Midgley, L McNaughton, D Micklewright
Lactate dynamics of mountain bikers in a laboratory performance diagnostic PDF
Marc Ahrend, Patrick Schneeweiss, Ulrich Theobald, Andreas M Niess, Inga Krauss
Lactate dynamics of mountain bikers in a laboratory performance diagnostic PDF
Marc Ahrend, Patrick Schneeweiss, Andreas M Niess, Peter Martus, Inga Krauss
Pedaling Patterns of Professional Cyclists during a Grand Tour PDF
A Jamar, S De Vries, M Hesselink
The Body & the Bike: A Kinetic Chain analysis of Cycling Overuse Injury PDF
Paul Visentini
Modeling intermittent cycling performance in hypoxia using the critical power concept PDF
Nathan Townsend, Samantha Shearman, Philip Skiba, Dan Dwyer
Assessment of Serum 25 (OH) Vitamin D Status in Elite Portuguese Cycling Athletes PDF
S Amorim, F Quintas, G Mendes, JP Araújo, N Loureiro
The effects of 4 months handbike training under free-living conditions on physical fitness and health outcomes PDF
Sven P Hoekstra, BA Linda, JM Valent, D Gobets, Lucas HV van der Woude, Sonja de Groot
Amateur cyclists can complete the full Tour de France in the same amount of days as professional cyclists PDF
Theresia AM Backhuijs, Pieter Zanen, Arthur de Gast, Wout JTM van der Meulen, Frank JG Backx
Cyclo-cross Performance and Physiological/Psychological parameters PDF
T Ouvrard, L Garbellotto, F Soenen, F Grappe
Treadmill cycling trial in diagnostics Open Access endurance preparation of MTB cyclists before Olympic Games or World Championship PDF
Tomasz Gabrys, Michal Garnys, Urszula Szmatlan-Gabrys, Anna Mróz
Reliability and validity of PowerCal power distribution during cycling time trial PDF
VP Costa, LGA Guglielmo, CD Paton
Low back pain in cycling: does it matter how you sit? PDF
WA Van Hoof, KA Volkaerts, KB O’Sullivan, SA Verschueren, WA Dankaerts
Reliability of Time –Trial versus Time-to- Exhaustion Cycle Tests in healthy untrained subjects PDF
W Gosens, JM Oomen, MKC Hesselink, LB Borghouts
Evaluation of comfort: Acceleration transmissibility of different road bikes PDF
W Bertucci, F Puel, B Jarlot, F Grappe, S Duc
Estimation of Handgrip Position Based on Force Measurement During Steady Pedaling PDF
Yusuke Tamura, Kojiro Matsushita, Hisashi Osumi

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