Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

Science & Cycling Congress, 2/3 July 2014, Leeds

Organised by leading sport scientists at the University of Kent, under the banner of the World Commission of Science and Sports, the World Congress of Cycling Science 2014 coincided with the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Leeds 2014.



Table of Contents

Book of Abstracts

Editorial PDF
J Hopker, L Passfield 1
Power output and affective load change during time trial according to environmental conditions PDF
A Abel, F Grappe 2
The effect of exercise mode on salivary IgA secretion in high level triathletes PDF
S Barret, A Storey, M Harrison 3
Influence of positional biomechanics on gross efficiency within cycling PDF
J Bateman 4
Laboratory predictors of uphill cycling time trial performance PDF
A H Bossi, P Lima, J Hopker, JR P Lima 5
Gross efficiency is improved in standing position with an increase of the power output PDF
A Bouillod, J Pinot, A Valade, J Cassirame, G Soto-Romero, F Grappe 6
Relationship between leg length and trunk orientation in cycling PDF
A Brooke 7
The analysis & forecasting of British cycling time trial records PDF
BTJ Dyer, H Hossani, M Shadi 8
The effect of IMT on cycling time-trial performance at ~16°C (cool) and ~26°C (hot) temperatures PDF
C Sharp, M Faghy 9
Individualised training duration induces similar physiological and performance benefits at different intensities PDF
SL Coakley, L Passfield 10
Differences in static and dynamic bike fit with 3d motion capture PDF
M Corbett, J Bevins 11
Optimal pacing strategy for a race of two competing cyclists PDF
T Dahmen, D Saupeand 12
Past attempts to identify a single physiological parameter as the main indicator of success in the tour de France seem to have failed PDF
C Dauwe 13-14
Measures of training stress in cyclists do not usefully predict maximum mean power in competitions PDF
HA Ferguson, CD Paton, WG Hopkins 15
Acute effects of small changes in crank length on gross efficiency and pedalling technique during submaximal cycling PDF
V Ferrer-Roca, V Rivero-Palomo, A Ogueta-Alday, JA Rodríguez-Marroyo, J García-López 16
Quantification of vibrations during mountain biking PDF
P Macdermid, PW Fink, S Stannard 17
A new test battery to assess bike handling skills of experienced and inexperienced cyclists PDF
B Fonda, N Sarabon, FX Lee 18
Effects of changing seat height on bike handling PDF
B Fonda, N Sarabon, R Blacklock, FX Li 19
Increased physical effort overrides the potentially deleterious effects of resource depletion following self-control PDF
C Fullerton, AM Lane, TJ Devonport 20
The relationship between vertical leg stiffness and gross mechanical efficiency in cyclists PDF
JD Hughes, G Pitchers, SC How, M Cole 21
The influence of hamstring extensibility on preselected saddle height within experienced competitive cyclists PDF
J Hynd, D Crowle, C Stephenson 22
Modelling of critical power from road data PDF
B Karsten, S Jobson, J Hopker, L Stevens, C Beedie 23-24
Efficiency index of a pedaling monitor system depend on load power, cadence and body weight PDF
T Kitawaki, T Tokuyasu, H Oka 25
Within-individual haemoglobin variation and the athlete biological passport: a longitudinal investigation of 13,887 haemoglobin concentration readings in elite athletes PDF
LM Lobigs, EJ Knight, YO Schumacher, CJ Gore 26
Multisensor monitoring cycle ergometer PDF
H Lungo, N Chakravorti, LK Philpott, PP Conway, AA West 27
Reliability of power meter calibration by mathematical modelling of treadmill cycling PDF
T Maier, T Steiner, S Trösch, B Müller, JP Wehrlin 28
Relation between lactic acid steady-state and muscle oxygenation in elite cyclists PDF
M Mantovani, M Bongi, A Bandera 29-31
Track tales: A narrative exploration of within-career transition in sprint cycling PDF
W McConn 32
Potentiation of sprint cycling performance: the effects of a high-inertia ergometer warm-up PDF
L Munro, S Stannard, P Fink, A Foskett 33
Do 3-min all-out test parameters accurately predict competitive cyclist performance in the severe intensity domain? PDF
A Nicolò, M Sacchetti 34
Oxygen uptake kinetics during uphill and flat cycling in laboratory and field conditions PDF
A Nimmerichter, K Haselsberger, B Prinz 35
Changes in whole body and local muscle oxygen consumption during prolonged cycling PDF
C O’Grady, B Pageaux, JG Hopker 36-37
Effect of environmental temperature on pacing during a simulated 16 km cycling time trial PDF
S Bailey, C O'Hagan 38
Comparing time-trial and time to exhaustion performance PDF
L Passfield, S Coakley 39
Effects of a seven day period of high-intensity training on performance and physiology of competitive cyclists PDF
C Paton, B Clark, V Costa, B O’Brien, L Guglielmo 40
Low dose fish oil increases the omega-3 index improving cycling efficiency and heart rate recovery PDF
L Hingley, M Macartney, M Brown, P McLennan, G Peoples 41
The effect of wheel diameter on vertical and horizontal mountain bike position PDF
S Phillips, M Levy, B Alumbaugh, G Smith, G Smitn 42
Comparison of power output demands for a top-10 ranking between Tour de France and Vuelta a España PDF
J Pinot, F Grappe 43
Acute cycling sport causes upper respiratory tract infections and lung function loss among male recreational cyclists of different age groups PDF
KV Rajasekhar 44
Three ways of assessing the forces at the knee and ankle while cycling PDF
EF Rios Soltero, HH CM Savelberg 45-46
The influence of aerobic fitness on the oxygen uptake kinetics of trained cyclists PDF
G Rose 47
Effect of hand cooling on body temperature, cardiovascular and perceptual responses during recumbent cycling in a hot environment PDF
AD Ruddock, K Chatziopoulos, T Parkington, GA Tew, A Purvis 48
Optimisation of cycling training PDF
P Scarf, M Shrahili, S Jobson, L Passfield 49-50
The effects of different strength training regimes on cycling performance PDF
A Smit, CW Hameetman, T Peters, GWM Heijboer, JJ Bastiaans 51-52
Differences in power output between national and club level cyclists during a new variable power cycling test PDF
A Sharma, A Sparks, LR McNaughton, A Govus, DJ Bentley 53-55
The effect of beetroot juice dosage on high intensity intermittent cycling performance PDF
G Byrne, B Wardrop, A Storey 56
An investigation of the biomechanical efficacy and clinical effectiveness of patello-femoral taping in elite and experienced cyclists PDF
G Theobald, J Selfe, J Richards, H Roddam 57-63
An online survey using social media investigating the use of kinesiology type tape and McConnell type tape with clinicians who treat cycling related knee pain PDF
G Theobald, J Selfe, J Richards, H Roddam 64-67
Wearable multi-sensor system for embedded body position and motion analysis during cycling PDF
A Valade, G Soto Romero, C Escriba, A Bouillod, J Pinot, J Cassirame, JY Fourniols, F Grappe 68
Development of a multi-directional rating test method for bicycle frame stiffness PDF
J Vanwalleghem, I De Baere, M Loccufier, W Van Paepegem 69
Field tests with an instrumented bicycle for comfort measurements PDF
J Vanwalleghem, I De Baere, M Loccufier, W Van Paepegem 70
Do core stabilization exercises enhance cycling efficiency? PDF
EJ Weijmans, S van Berkel 71
A contiguous ramp and all-out exercise test to determine critical power in competitive cyclists PDF
MS Wells, G Atkinson, HB Rossiter, S Marwood 72
A depth camera-based system for estimating cyclist-bike projected frontal area PDF
JS Wheat, S Clarkson, D Higham, S Choppin 73
Muscular fatigue of the lower limb and subsequent joint angle adaptations during a 16.1km cycling time trial PDF
I Willitt, N Smith, P Hudson 74
The reliability and validity of the 3-minute critical power test PDF
J Wright, S Jobson, S Bruce-Low 75
Application to cycling of a bioenergetic model: Towards a multi-level biomechanical model for global cyclist performance analysis PDF
A Zignoli, A Savoldelli, F Biral, B Pellegrini, F Schena 76-77
The physical, mental and hormonal responses to short-term intensified training in well-trained cyclists with a high carbohydrate nutritional intervention PDF
SC Killer, IS Svendsen, JM Carter, RK Randell, AE Jeukendrup, M Gleeson 78
Effects of different training protocols on the heart rate variability of trained cyclists PDF
F Reichert, L Picanço 79
Incorporating internal mechanical power into performance models in cycling PDF
H Giorgi, M Andrews, A Gray, M Osborne 80-81
Does six-weeks of high-intensity cycle training with induced changes in acid-base balance lead to mitochondrial adaptations? PDF
E Hawke, D Hammarström, K Sahlin, M Tonkonogi 82
Comparison of physiological and perceptual responses to a maximal exhaustive test performed on the SRM and the Cyclus2 ergometer PDF
B Karsten, A Peterson, M Champion 83-84
Treadmill-based cycling time trial better predicts seasonal cross-country mountain bike performance than traditional parameters in laboratory tests PDF
B Müller, T Steiner, T Maier, JP Wehrlin 85

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