Vol 4, No 3 (2015)

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Data, science, and ethics around athletes’ performance: Vo2max does not win the Tour de France PDF
Mikel Zabala, Manuel Mateo-March 1-2

Original articles

Influence of pacing on reliability of middle- distance cycling performance PDF
Brad Aisbett, Peter LeRossignol, Glenn McConell, Damien Jolley, Chris R Abbiss, Rod Snow 3-8
The effects of forward rotation of posture on heavy intensity cycling: Implications of UCI rule 1.3.013 PDF
Oliver Caddy, Matthew A Timmis, Dan Gordon 9-18
The effect of intermittent sequential pneumatic compression on recovery between exercise bouts in well-trained triathletes. PDF
Shannon O'Donnell, Matthew W Driller 19-23
Orthotic insoles show effects on knee kinematics during pedaling in recreational cyclists PDF
Amos Cole Meyers, Elise Caldwell, Jordan Hirsch, Hyung-Pil Jun, Moataz Eltoukhy, Ryan Pohlig, Joseph Signorile 24-30
The physiological correlates of variable gradient cycling performance PDF
Bradley Clark, Carl Paton, Brendan O'Brien 31-36
Agreement between LeMond Revolution cycle ergometer and SRM power meter during power profile and ramp protocol assessments PDF
Andrew Roman Novak, Christopher J Stevens, Benjamin J Dascombe 37-43
Adaptive self-regulation in cycle time trials: goal pursuit, goal disengagement and the affective experience PDF
Clare Louise Rhoden, Julia West, Andrew Renfree, Mark Corbett, Alan St Clair Gibson 44-52

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List of reviewers 2015 PDF

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